A scientific breakthrough
in brain injury management

The world’s first objective concussion and traumatic brain injury assessment
that steps beyond diagnosis by delivering quantitative insights that inform, accelerate, and track recovery like never before.

Every 11 seconds someone suffers a suspected concussion or traumatic brain injury in the US and Canada.

There is a major gap in the global healthcare system’s ability to assess, treat, and manage these injuries because the existing gold standard does not objectively measure brain function.

The VoxNeuro Advantage

Built to empower clinicians, VoxNeuro provides the only assessment in the world that objectively measures real-time brain function. VoxNeuro’s assessments inform and accelerate cognitive rehabilitation by identifying specific areas of brain function impacted by an injury, unique to each patient.

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Backed by 25+ years of globally funded research.

Health Canada cleared lab developed service.

Patented protocol and proprietary algorithms.

The Scientific Breakthrough

The genesis of VoxNeuro is a scientific breakthrough in the quantitative measurement and assessment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries by Dr. John F. Connolly, an extensively published and world-renowned neuroscientist.

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